For some families, vacations are a vital part of building relationships. Not only do they give loved ones a chance to relax amid a busy lifestyle, but they also allow us to create precious memories while bonding. One of the challenging aspects of planning a family getaway is that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Thankfully, the winter months are the ideal time to start thinking about your New Hampshire summer vacation, so you aren’t scrambling in the spring. And whether you’re in need of a swift weekend escape or a week-long retreat, The NASWA Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee offers a quintessential family vacation experience. Here are three ways to make planning your getaway easier and more enjoyable.

Create a List of Activities and Places to Visit

Creating a list of things to do will narrow down your planning process. The first stage is to do some online research starting with “New Hampshire summer activities” or something along those lines. It also wouldn’t hurt to peruse our resort activities page. You don’t need a strict itinerary, but having some direction is a good idea. And remember, spontaneity can be good as long as you make room for it!

Things to Do in New Hampshire in the Summer

Part of what makes New Hampshire a desirable summer destination is the wide range of things to do. From hiking and biking to boating and motorcycle rides, there’s something for everyone. And even if you don’t feel like exploring the Lakes Region, you’ll have plenty of ways to stay busy at The NASWA! Whether you like kayaking and paddle boarding or just lounging around on the beach, The NASWA will provide you with endless entertainment and fun galore!

Determine the Length of Your Stay

With so many things to do, it’s understandable that some families will want to stay a week or more for their New Hampshire summer vacation. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a short retreat. Depending on your budget or how big your crew is, a weekend getaway might make the most sense. Either way, The NASWA Resort is here to help maximize your time!

Decide on a Date and Begin the Countdown

Anticipating your New Hampshire summer vacation is a significant part of the fun. Not only will planning your family getaway far in advance give the kids something to think about while they push the second half of the school year, but it also makes sense from a practical standpoint. Reservations can fill up quickly once the snow starts melting!

Top-Tier Lake Winnipesaukee Hotels

There are many excellent ways to get the most out of your New Hampshire summer vacation, depending on how you wish to spend your days. And with a bevy of onsite and nearby activities, you should get the ball rolling sooner than later! To learn more about The NASWA Resort or to book your stay, visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

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