Family Reunion Venues: 5 Reasons to Choose The NASWA Resort

Amid the seemingly endless number of family reunion venues, The NASWA Resort stands out as a gem nestled on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, New Hampshire. With its scenic beauty, diverse accommodations, pet-friendly policy, on-site amenities, and family-oriented activities, our lakeside summer haven offers everything you need for an unforgettable family gathering. Here, we’ll share five reasons NASWA Resort is an ideal destination for your next reunion.

Scenic Beauty on Lake Winnipesaukee

Imagine the joy of reuniting with loved ones against the backdrop of the iconic Lake Winnipesaukee. The NASWA Resort’s scenic location provides the perfect setting for creating lasting memories. The shimmering lake, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, is a natural canvas for family photos and a serene atmosphere for reconnecting with relatives.

Convenient and Affordable New Hampshire Lodging

Over the decades, we’ve learned that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to family reunions. Our resort offers diverse accommodations, from cozy rooms to spacious suites and charming cottages. Whether your family is large or extra-large, everyone can find a comfortable and suitable relaxing space, ensuring that all members feel at home with their loved ones.

Dog-Friendly Accommodations

For many families, pets are beloved members, and we welcome them with open arms. Our dog-friendly policy ensures that your furry friends can be part of the reunion festivities. Picture the joy on everyone’s faces as they introduce themselves to the family dog, wagging its tail with joy. This inclusivity makes The NASWA Resort a standout choice among family reunion venues for those who consider their pets part of the family. Plus, those coming from far away won’t have to worry about leaving their best buddies at a kennel or dogsitter.

On-Site Amenities for Everyone

The NASWA Resort is more than a mere venue; it’s a destination with many on-site amenities. The private sandy beach invites families to unwind and enjoy the lakeside atmosphere. Plan a day on the lake, take out the kayaks and paddle boards, or simply bask in the warm sun. What’s more, our two onsite restaurants, The NazBar & Grill and The Blue Bistro, make getting food and drinks as a group an easy endeavor.

Family-Friendly Events and Activities

Reunions are about creating shared experiences, and we’ll provide the perfect canvas for such cherished moments. We host several family-friendly events throughout the summer, ensuring you all come away with unforgettable memories. The NASWA’s family-friendly atmosphere, from live music to themed parties, shines through each day.

New Hampshire’s Best Family Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee

Although there are many decent family reunion venues nationwide, The NASWA Resort emerges as a top choice for those seeking a perfect blend of scenic beauty, diverse accommodations, pet-friendly policies, on-site amenities, and family-centric activities. It’s not just a venue; it’s a destination that fosters the warmth and joy of family togetherness. Consider The NASWA Resort for your next family reunion, and turn your gathering into an unforgettable lakeside retreat. Because when it comes to creating lasting memories, the right venue makes all the difference.

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3 Reasons to Book Direct for Your Next NASWA Vacation

The key to any good vacation is having the perfect place to call home while you share laughs and make memories. These days, it seems like there are countless ways to reserve your vacation rental. However, the best way is to go directly to the source. For anyone planning a New Hampshire getaway at The NASWA Resort, we encourage you to book direct. There are numerous reasons to avoid third-party platforms, but we’ve compiled a list of three top reasons why booking direct is the way to go.

The Best Rates

One of the biggest advantages of booking directly with our Laconia hotel is the ability to receive the best price possible. Part of this is because you don’t have to worry about hidden or extra fees that third-party sites often charge. Our online booking system clearly outlines our rates and any additional fees. If you have any questions during the reservation process about what is included in your final total, our staff is here to help clear up any confusion.

Ability to Save with Special Offers

In addition to bringing you unbeatable prices, we also offer cost-saving promotions throughout the year. You’ll miss out on these last-minute specials and flash sales if you book through another agency. Don’t miss out on any of these incredible discounts by signing up for our email list.

Better Room Selection

From charming lake-view cottages to spacious rooms at the inn, our Lake Winnipesaukee resort features several accommodation styles. However, it’s not uncommon for some lodging options to be missing from third-party platforms. The best way to view our vacation rentals is by booking directly with us. Our knowledgeable reservation staff can help take the guesswork out of deciding which space is suitable for your group. We can also help modify an existing reservation, something you won’t find easily through travel agency websites.

Discover the Benefits of Booking Direct for Yourself

At The NASWA Resort, we want to make your stay as enjoyable and relaxing as possible. This is why we make booking direct with us so easy. Take your time browsing our accommodation options and special offers. When you’re ready to reserve your vacation at our New Hampshire resort, simply click the Book Now button. If you have any questions or need help, call 888-22-NASWA.

Looking Ahead: 3 Annual Summer Events in Laconia, NH

Whether hanging out downtown, on Lake Winnipesaukee, or Weirs Beach, summer is the best time to visit Laconia, NH. Thanks to a full spectrum of events ranging from motorcycle rallies to cultural celebrations, guests of The NASWA Resort have many options regarding how they spend their summer vacations. Still, if you haven’t had the chance to experience our beloved lakeside community during the summer, you may wonder what to do when you aren’t soaking up the sun on our private shoreline. So, to help you start planning and make the most of your New Hampshire getaway and put some things on your itinerary, we’ll look ahead at some of the best annual summer events.

Laconia Motorcycle Week

As the official hotel of Laconia Motorcycle Week, the team at The NASWA Resort knows a thing or two about the oldest national motorcycle rally in the U.S. The annual event is one of the city’s biggest draws in the summer; the best part is you don’t have to be a biker to enjoy it. From custom bike shows to races and other competitions, Laconia Motorcycle Week has much to offer anyone interested in having a good time. In addition to all the festivities in town, The NASWA will have several events and activities, including the week’s official kick-off, The Peter Makris Memorial Run.

Laconia Multicultural Festival

The Laconia Multicultural Festival, held downtown, celebrates the vibrant cultural tapestry of Laconia and the Lakes Region. From its inception to the arrival of recent “New Americans,” the festival embraces diverse traditions through music, arts, crafts, and delectable cuisine. Over the past three decades, many immigrants and refugees from nearly every corner of the world have joined our community, enriching our neighborhoods and friendships.

4th of July in Laconia, NH

Starting with a late afternoon parade followed by live music, food, and fun, Laconia’s 4th of July Celebration is arguably the best in the Lakes Region. The parade kicks off at Laconia High School, winding its way to Opechee Park. Enjoy live music, browse vendors, and secure your spot for the evening fireworks. At NASWA Resort, you’ll have plenty of space to relax and revel in the spectacular show with your friends and family.

Not Your Typical Hotel in Laconia, NH

Summer events in Laconia, NH, play a pivotal role in making The NASWA Resort the perfect place to stay for all the festivities. Not only are we close to everything, but we also have several of our own ongoing events and celebrations to add to your fun in the sun. No matter how you slice it, you’re in for a treat when you stay at The NASWA this summer! 

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Give the Gift of a Lake Winnipesaukee Cottage Rental

As we move through autumn, each passing day makes the impending holiday season more apparent. In a few weeks, we’ll make gift lists for our loved ones and scan the aisles for deals and specials. Still, there are undoubtedly a few people on your list who are challenging to buy for now, no matter how skillful you are at finding the perfect present. Thankfully, if you’re stumped on what to get a few friends or relatives, a Lake Winnipesaukee Cottage Rental from The NASWA Resort is a more than worthy consideration.

The Perfect Lake Winnipesaukee Cottage Rental

The NASWA Resort in Laconia is one of New Hampshire’s most celebrated family vacation spots. And thanks to a range of on-site activities, events, and dining, it’s the perfect place for a summer vacation. Staying in a Lake Winnipesaukee cottage rental is an experience that grants visitors access to everything The NASWA and Laconia offer. The possibilities are endless, from enjoying dinner and cocktails at Blue Bistro or NazBar and Grill to soaking up the sun on Lake Winnipesaukee’s largest private shoreline!

On-Site Restaurants for Your New Hampshire Vacation

Speaking of the Blue Bistro and NazBar and Grill, our on-site restaurants offer delicious entrees, appetizers, and desserts. Thanks to a wide culinary selection, guests will enjoy several dishes ranging from vegetarian to surf and turf. Another option is for guests to prepare meals with either a kitchenette or a full kitchen. 

Gift Cards from The NASWA Resort

Another way to show you care is to present a NASWA Gift Card. With gift certificates ranging from 50 to 2,000 dollars, you can contribute a portion or go all out. Vacation gift cards allow recipients to plan a trip at their convenience, aligning with their preferred timing. We understand that vacation planning can be a hassle, and no one wants to be constrained by someone else’s schedule. Gift cards provide the flexibility that families and individuals want when making travel arrangements before heading to Lake Winnipesaukee.

The Best Places to Stay on Lake Winnipesaukee

Finding the best Lake Winnipesaukee cottage for your loved one may seem complicated, but that’s why at The NASWA Resort, we go above and beyond to create a memorable vacation experience. This iconic summer getaway destination is the ultimate place to unwind without life’s worries getting in the way. To find out more, reserve a cottage, or purchase gift cards, visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA! 

The Best Spots for Fall Photography around Laconia, NH

Although The NASWA Resort is a well-known summer destination in the New Hampshire Lakes Region, early fall is still an excellent time to visit. Fewer crowds, mild weather, and beautiful foliage are just a few advantages of an autumn escape. And for those with a knack for the arts and a love of the outdoors, there are several idyllic places to enjoy fall photography. So whether you’re seeking a lakeside spot for a family portrait or panoramic views overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee, we’re here to share the best places to capture the essence of the New Hampshire fall near Laconia.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Winnipesaukee is teeming with fall photography opportunities as the crown jewel of the New Hampshire Lakes Region and a cornerstone of The NASWA. The possibilities for stunning autumnal imagery are endless, from the intricate shoreline featuring picturesque bays and inlets to the iconic Weirs Beach boardwalk. Stroll along the boardwalk or the shore, or go on a boat cruise to maximize your chances of that perfect shot.


Belknap Mountain

Another staple of the Lakes Region is Belknap Mountain. With just a short drive, you can find panoramic views of the area thanks to several overlooks. Hike the summit for sweeping vistas and bring a snack for a scenic picnic. The leaves vibrant colors will seem infinite, creating an awe-inspiring photo to look back on for years.

Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center

Nestled in Laconia, the Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center provides a convenient location for capturing the essence of autumn. The well-maintained trails wind through fields and forests, offering a variety of settings for your fall photos. Explore the trails framed by the changing leaves, and focus your lens on the rich tapestry of colors.


Only a 30-minute drive from The NASWA, Moultonborough entices photographers with its charming streets and picturesque waterfront. Lake Winnipesaukee, adorned with the warm hues of fall, provides a stunning backdrop for fall photography. Stroll along the lakeshore and capture the season’s beauty, with the colorful leaves contrasting against the deep blue waters.

Winnisquam Lake

Lake Winnipesaukee will always be in the spotlight, but don’t overlook Lake Winnisquam. Within a short drive from The NASWA, you can find peaceful spots along the shore, where the brilliant foliage is mirrored in the calm waters. It’s an ideal location for capturing reflections and serene autumn vistas.

An Ideal New England Lake Resort for Families

You don’t have to be an expert to realize why the Lake Region is New Hampshire’s best place for fall photography. And if you have a fall trip to Laconia on the horizon, you don’t have to settle for a typical hotel experience. At The NASWA Resort, you can expect a top-tier guest experience with convenient amenities and onsite events that promise to elevate your stay. To find out more or book your stay, reach out online today!

5 New Hampshire Historical Sites near The NASWA

As one of the first states in the nation, New Hampshire has a compelling past that isn’t only admired by history buffs. No matter where you go in the Granite State, there’s something to learn, and the Lakes Region is no exception. From the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee to charming towns, these landmarks offer a glimpse into the past, preserving stories of the people, events, and cultures that have shaped the region. Here, The NASWA Resort will help you uncover the allure of New Hampshire historical sites, each a portal to a different era.

Castle in the Clouds: An Architectural Gem

Perched atop the Ossipee Mountain Range, Castle in the Clouds stands as an architectural marvel, transporting visitors to the early 20th century. The mansion, also known as Lucknow Estate, showcases the luxury of the Gilded Age. With its blend of Arts and Crafts and European influences, the mansion exudes timeless elegance. Inspired by its lofty location, its name offers panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Castle in the Clouds preserves the essence of an era gone by, inviting us to appreciate its grandeur and the vision of its founder.

The Libby Museum

Venturing into Wolfeboro, the Libby Museum is a treasure trove of natural history. From Native American artifacts to fossils, the museum weaves tales of the region’s flora, fauna, and indigenous cultures. A window into the past, the museum’s exhibits narrate the evolution of New Hampshire’s natural landscape, providing a deepened connection to the land.

Wright Museum of World War II

Another Wolfeboro gem, the Wright Museum of World War II, pays homage to a pivotal period in global history. With its collection of guest speakers, artwork, and memorabilia, the museum commemorates the sacrifices made during the war. It serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and bravery of individuals who shaped the world’s destiny.

Canterbury Shaker Village

Stepping into the Canterbury Shaker Village is like journeying through time to a community defined by simplicity and devotion. The village offers insights into the Shakers’ way of life, marked by craftsmanship, communal living, and spiritual pursuits. The historic buildings and serene surroundings echo the essence of this unique communal society.

Belknap Mill

Dating back to 1823, the Belknap Mill stands as a testament to New Hampshire’s industrial heritage. As the oldest unaltered brick textile mill in the U.S., the mill illuminates the region’s pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. Its exhibits unveil the evolution of industry and innovation that transformed the landscape.

A Laconia, NH, Hotel Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for something enriching to do on a rainy day, these New Hampshire historical sites near The NASWA Resort beckon us to delve into the past, offering a journey through time that connects us to the region’s roots. From the elegance of Castle in the Clouds to the educational embrace of the Libby Museum, these landmarks narrate stories that deserve to be cherished. 

Historical landmarks are just one example of the many things you can find near The NASWA Resort. To learn more about our lodging options and other local activities, call us at 888-55-NASWA today!

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