5 New Hampshire Historical Sites near The NASWA

As one of the first states in the nation, New Hampshire has a compelling past that isn’t only admired by history buffs. No matter where you go in the Granite State, there’s something to learn, and the Lakes Region is no exception. From the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee to charming towns, these landmarks offer a glimpse into the past, preserving stories of the people, events, and cultures that have shaped the region. Here, The NASWA Resort will help you uncover the allure of New Hampshire historical sites, each a portal to a different era.

Castle in the Clouds: An Architectural Gem

Perched atop the Ossipee Mountain Range, Castle in the Clouds stands as an architectural marvel, transporting visitors to the early 20th century. The mansion, also known as Lucknow Estate, showcases the luxury of the Gilded Age. With its blend of Arts and Crafts and European influences, the mansion exudes timeless elegance. Inspired by its lofty location, its name offers panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee. Castle in the Clouds preserves the essence of an era gone by, inviting us to appreciate its grandeur and the vision of its founder.

The Libby Museum

Venturing into Wolfeboro, the Libby Museum is a treasure trove of natural history. From Native American artifacts to fossils, the museum weaves tales of the region’s flora, fauna, and indigenous cultures. A window into the past, the museum’s exhibits narrate the evolution of New Hampshire’s natural landscape, providing a deepened connection to the land.

Wright Museum of World War II

Another Wolfeboro gem, the Wright Museum of World War II, pays homage to a pivotal period in global history. With its collection of guest speakers, artwork, and memorabilia, the museum commemorates the sacrifices made during the war. It serves as a poignant reminder of the resilience and bravery of individuals who shaped the world’s destiny.

Canterbury Shaker Village

Stepping into the Canterbury Shaker Village is like journeying through time to a community defined by simplicity and devotion. The village offers insights into the Shakers’ way of life, marked by craftsmanship, communal living, and spiritual pursuits. The historic buildings and serene surroundings echo the essence of this unique communal society.

Belknap Mill

Dating back to 1823, the Belknap Mill stands as a testament to New Hampshire’s industrial heritage. As the oldest unaltered brick textile mill in the U.S., the mill illuminates the region’s pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution. Its exhibits unveil the evolution of industry and innovation that transformed the landscape.

A Laconia, NH, Hotel Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee

Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for something enriching to do on a rainy day, these New Hampshire historical sites near The NASWA Resort beckon us to delve into the past, offering a journey through time that connects us to the region’s roots. From the elegance of Castle in the Clouds to the educational embrace of the Libby Museum, these landmarks narrate stories that deserve to be cherished. 

Historical landmarks are just one example of the many things you can find near The NASWA Resort. To learn more about our lodging options and other local activities, call us at 888-55-NASWA today!

Spending Time at Weirs Beach

The iconic little city of Laconia, NH, has many landmarks and attractions you may want to put on your Granite State itinerary. One of the nearby favorites, Weirs Beach, is a beloved recreational spot located on the northwestern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, less than a five-minute drive from The NASWA Resort. This charming Laconia staple offers a delightful mix of scenic beauty, recreational activities, and family-friendly attractions, making it a popular spot for visitors. Below we share what to expect while spending time at Weir’s Beach, Laconia, NH.

A Natural Lakeside Attraction

At Weirs Beach, the shore takes center stage, inviting you to bask in the tranquility of its lakeside setting. Feel the soft grains of sand beneath your feet as you stroll the lake, the gentle lapping of the waves providing a soothing soundtrack. The azure waters of Lake Winnipesaukee extend into the horizon, offering a serene vista that exemplifies Laconia.

Fun on the Water

Weirs Beach is excellent for water enthusiasts, offering several aquatic adventures. Dive into the refreshing waters for a revitalizing swim, or rent a paddleboard to glide peacefully across the lake’s surface. Embrace the thrill of jet skiing, feeling the wind in your hair as you explore hidden coves and scenic inlets. For a leisurely experience, embark on a scenic cruise aboard the historic M/S Mount Washington, taking in the surrounding landscape.

A Legendary Boardwalk

Gallivanting along the Weirs Beach boardwalk is like stepping back in time, a nostalgic experience that harkens to classic beachfront settings. The boardwalk has charming shops, arcades, and eateries, each offering a distinct allure. Treat yourself to a scoop of delectable ice cream, challenge friends to games of skeeball in the arcades, or hunt for unique souvenirs to cherish the memories.

Family-Friendly Entertainment

Weirs Beach is a playground for families, with abundant activities catering to visitors of all ages. The Funspot Family Entertainment Center is a must-visit, where young and young-at-heart can revel in arcade games, mini-golf, and bowling. You can also watch a movie at the classic drive-in theatre or head to one of the go-kart tracks.

Live Entertainment

Weirs Beach hosts a lively calendar of events and entertainment during the summer months. Enjoy live music, concerts, craft fairs, and special events on the boardwalk or nearby venues. The vibrant and inviting atmosphere creates a sense of community and celebration.

The Best Places to Stay on Lake Winnipesaukee

Spending time at Weirs Beach, Laconia, NH is a delightful experience that offers a perfect blend of lakeside relaxation, family-friendly fun, and scenic beauty. Whether you seek a lively day of thrills or a relaxing stroll along the boardwalk, Weirs Beach has something to offer everyone, just like The NASWA! Reach out online or call 888-55-NASWA today to learn how we can help create the ultimate summer experience on Lake Winnipesaukee. And don’t forget to check our current specials!

What to Know About Castle In the Clouds NH

One of the best parts about vacationing in Laconia, NH, is its central location to many of the Lakes Region’s attractions. And although The NASWA Resort has many ongoing activities and events, it’s common for our guests to venture out and explore the area. Nestled amid the foothills of the Ossipee Mountains, Castle in the Clouds Clouds stands as a testament to a bygone era and is a must-visit destination for tourists and history enthusiasts. This captivating escape blends timeless elegance with stunning natural beauty. So to help familiarize you with the historic estate, we’ll share some valuable information to help you plan your day.

Step into NH History at Castle in the Clouds

At Castle in the Clouds, you’ll take a trip back in time to the early-20th century. Immerse yourself in the refined taste of the Gilded Age as you marvel at meticulous craftsmanship, intricate woodwork, and exquisite detail adorning each room. The guided tours offer fascinating insights into the mansion’s history, the lives of its former inhabitants, and the architectural prowess it displays. As you ascend the winding road to Castle in the Clouds, you’ll quickly realize its grandeur.

The Backstory

Built in 1913, Castle in the Clouds was the vision of Thomas Gustave Plant, a wealthy shoe manufacturer and businessman. Its name was inspired by its location atop the Ossipee Mountain Range, providing breathtaking views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding landscape. The mansion’s architecture blends “Arts and Crafts” with various European influences as the exterior showcases a unique stone facade. At the same time, the inside boasts opulent rooms adorned with fine artwork, antique furniture, and intricate details, all carefully restored to reflect the elegance of the past.

Tranquil Gardens

Beyond the mansion’s splendor, Castle in the Clouds boasts meticulously manicured gardens that invite visitors to explore their tranquil beauty. Wander through the terraced flower beds, breathing in the fragrance of blooming blossoms. The gardens provide a peaceful retreat, perfect for reflecting and appreciating the natural landscape.

Trails and Waterfalls

Photo Credit: Mike Weinhold Via Castle in the Clouds Facebook Page.

Castle in the Clouds is not just about grandeur; it is also a gateway to the region’s outdoor wonders. Lace up your hiking boots and set off on the estate’s trails that wind through lush forests and meandering streams. Discover hidden waterfalls, such as the enchanting “Falls of Song,” cascading amidst the verdant landscape. Each step unveils new vistas, allowing you to connect with nature and experience the Lakes Region’s tranquility.

Events and Cultural Experiences

Castle in the Clouds is a historic landmark and a vibrant cultural hub. The estate hosts various events throughout the year, from art exhibits and craft fairs to live music performances. These events offer a unique opportunity to connect with the NH Lakes Region community—they also host weddings and other private gatherings.

Souvenirs and Culinary Delights

Before bidding farewell to Castle in the Clouds, stop by the Carriage House Restaurant or the gift shop. Browse a selection of unique souvenirs, locally crafted items, and books that capture the spirit of the mansion and its surroundings. Indulge in a delectable meal or a refreshing beverage at the café, savoring the flavors while soaking in the panoramic views before the ride back to The NASWA.

Lake Winnipesaukee Hotel in Laconia, NH

Castle in the Clouds is more than just a historic mansion; it is a gateway to a world of elegance, natural wonders, and cultural experiences. Nestled in the captivating Lakes Region, it offers an escape from the ordinary and a chance to enter the past. Whether you’re seeking architectural marvels, serene gardens, outdoor adventures, or cultural immersion, The NASWA Resort is an excellent choice less than an hour from Castle in the Clouds. To find out more or to book your stay, please contact us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

Make Waves with These 3 Laconia Boat Rentals

Arguably the most appealing aspect of staying at The NASWA Resort is spending time on Lake Winnipesaukee. From stand-up paddleboarding to jet-skiing, there’s something for everyone. And with several reputable Laconia boat rentals nearby, making waves has never been easier. To help you navigate your way to a splashing good time, we put together a quick list of rentals that promise to maximize your Lake Winnipesaukee experience!

Fun in the Sun on Lake Winnipesaukee

Beach getaways are essential to the summer season, offering an opportunity to revel in the sun’s warmth. With panoramic views of the beach stretching out before you, delightful dining options right on the premises, and a plethora of engaging activities, it comes as no surprise that countless boating aficionados make The NASWA their home base while embarking on thrilling adventures on Lake Winnipesaukee. With its vast expanse of shoreline and open waters, you’ll undoubtedly be tempted to splash as soon as you arrive! Fortunately, several Laconia boat rentals are available, enabling you to take to the water swiftly.

North Water Marine

Previously known as Thurston’s Marina, North Water Marine is a top-tier Laconia boat rental service for locals and visitors alike. They have a fantastic pontoon fleet and offer sales, parts, service, and boat valet for those who brought their own. What’s more, they have a knowledgeable and dedicated crew that’s always eager to help. And if you get hooked on the boater’s life, you can schedule a viewing and maybe take one home! NASWA house guests also can get 10% off a pontoon boat rental or charter trip. 

Tiki Hut Boats of NH

If you’re looking for a Laconia boat rental service that will do all the work for you and let you party heartily, Tiki Hut Boats of New Hampshire is a safe bet. This “party bus on water” has various options for your cruising convenience. From two-hour private charters to a “Reggae Night” extravaganza, Tiki Hut Boats will likely be a memorable experience.

Weirs Beach Jet Ski Rentals

If you’re looking for a fast and furious way to enjoy the water, check out Weirs Beach Jet Ski Rentals. Although you can argue that a jet ski is not a boat, the U.S. Coast Guard may beg to differ—plus, jet skis in New Hampshire are subject to the same regulations as boats. Either way, there is no denying how much fun they are! And with rental times ranging from one hour to a week, you can easily choose an option that suits your budget. NASWA house guests can also receive 10% off rentals!

A Lake Winnipesaukee Resort in Laconia, NH

Spending time on Lake Winnipesaukee is a pillar of the NASWA summer, so we hope you’ll make good use of the Laconia boat rentals we shared. If you desire something more than your run-of-the-mill hotel, look no further! The NASWA Resort is a cherished vacation destination in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire and for excellent reasons. With many fun activities and unparalleled amenities, The NASWA offers a Lake Winnipesaukee lodging experience like no other. 


For further information or to secure your reservation, please visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

Delicious Day Trips: NH Farmers Markets Near Laconia

With summer just around the corner, many of our guests are diligently planning their vacation itineraries. And if you want to experience the best of the Lakes Region’s local flavors and creativity, you’re in luck! Several NH farmers markets are located within an hour’s drive of The NASWA Resort, each offering a unique blend of fresh produce, handcrafted items, and community spirit.

Gilford, NH

One of the area’s most popular NH farmers markets is the Gilford Farmers Market. Just a short drive from Laconia, this market offers a diverse selection of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, fresh-baked bread, and handmade crafts. With a beautiful outdoor setting and a friendly atmosphere, the Gilford Farmers Market is a must-visit for anyone interested in NH farmers markets.

Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market

Another NH farmers market worth exploring is the Wolfeboro Area Farmers Market. Located in the charming town of Wolfeboro, this market boasts a picturesque location between Lake Winnipesaukee and Lake Wentworth. Here, you’ll find a variety of grass-fed beef, organic chicken, locally-made honey, homemade pies, gluten-free baked goods, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Concord, NH

For a day trip to the capital, the Concord Farmers Market is a great option. This NH farmers market features a wide range of vendors selling artisanal chocolate, handcrafted soaps, and fresh produce. Visitors can also enjoy live music, children’s activities, and cooking demonstrations.

Laconia, NH

Closer to home, the Laconia Farmers Market is located in downtown Laconia and offers a variety of fresh produce, baked goods, and handmade crafts. Since it’s so close to The NASWA, this NH farmers market is perfect for a summer afternoon. If you stay in one of our two-bedroom cottages, you can bring back some veggies and make a nice salad.

NH Farmers Markets: More than Just “A Thing to Do”

NH farmers markets are more than just places to buy fresh produce and handmade goods. They also serve as hubs of sustainability and community, with many vendors using organic and sustainable farming practices. By supporting NH farmers markets, you’re not only getting delicious, locally-grown food and unique crafts but also supporting local agriculture and reducing the environmental impact of food production. Check out the New Hampshire Living website for a list of more places to shop in the Lakes Region.

Lake Winnipesaukee Lodging in Laconia, NH

NH farmers markets are a great way to experience the best of what “The Granite State” has to offer. These local staples are one example of what makes The NASWA such an alluring summer vacation spot. There are so many things to do for everyone! To find out more about the area’s offerings and to book your stay, please reach out to us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

Pet-Friendly Hotels in NH | Visiting Laconia with Your Dog

Are you planning a vacation with your dog in Laconia, New Hampshire? Then look no further than The NASWA Resort! Lake Winnipesaukee offers many pet-friendly activities to keep you and your furry friend entertained during your stay. The area is known for its stunning natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and endless outdoor adventures. Here are some activities that you can enjoy while staying at one of the best pet-friendly hotels in New Hampshire.

Explore Lake Winnipesaukee with a Scenic Drive or by Boat

Lake Winnipesaukee is a 72-square-mile lake offering breathtaking views and many pet-friendly activities. Take a cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee and immerse yourself in the area’s beauty. There are many pet-friendly lookout points along the way where you can stop and admire the scenery. The drive also offers several opportunities to stop for a quick stroll to stretch your legs. You can also rent a pontoon boat and go on a tour around the lake with your best buddy.

Take a Walk in Laconia and Visit the Parks

Laconia, New Hampshire, is a charming town with plenty of pet-friendly parks, shops, and restaurants. Live like a local, stroll with your four-legged friend around the town center, and enjoy the neighborly atmosphere. Pack a picnic lunch and head to one of the nearby dog-friendly parks. Weirs Community Park, Opechee Park, and Ahern State Park are all great options. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the serene beauty of the area while Rex or Roxie plays around.

Stay at Laconia, NH’s Best Pet-Friendly Hotel

Two retrievers on a bed.The NASWA Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee offers dog-friendly accommodations that perfectly blend comfort and affordability. These lodging options are ideal for families with dogs, providing ample space to play and enjoy the area’s scenic beauty. Whether you choose to explore the lake, take a walk in Laconia, enjoy a picnic in the park, go on a scenic drive, or stay at our pet-friendly hotel resort, you’re bound to have a great summer vacation!

Book your stay at one of the best Lake Winnipesaukee Hotels, and explore all the pet-friendly things to do in Laconia, New Hampshire.

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