10 Things to Do When You Return to Laconia, NH, This Summer

As we inch closer to longer days and warmer weather, we anticipate many travelers already planning their summer vacations in Laconia, NH. And as one of the Granite State’s premiere getaway spots, it doesn’t take long to realize Laconia is full of fun things to do. From Bike Week to boating, summers here are jam-packed with exciting events and activities. So to help you plan an unforgettable vacation in the Lakes Region, The NASWA Resort will share ten fun things to do when you return to Laconia, NH, this summer.

Laconia, NH, On Lake Winnipesaukee

Known as a quintessential family vacation spot, Laconia is also an excellent place for friends to get together in the summer. Ideally situated in the center of the Lakes Region, Lake Winnipesaukee undoubtedly plays a significant role in making our beloved city attractive to travelers. Still, there are plenty of other things to do besides spending time on the lake. Here are ten activities and events you should check out, whether with friends, family, or a group of both!


  • As one of NH’s most renowned events, Laconia Motorcycle Week offers a lot of excitement, even if you aren’t a motorcycle enthusiast. And this year should be extra fun as the rally celebrates its 100th anniversary!
  • The artists in your group will appreciate a trip to Art Escape, a DIY art studio just down the road from The NASWA.
  • In 2008, The Guinness Book of World Records named Funspot the world’s largest arcade. And even if you’re not into pinball and video games, they also have a bowling alley, bingo hall, and an indoor mini-golf course. What a great place to play on a rainy day!
  • The Daytona Fun Park offers outdoor activities, including go-kart racing, bumper boats, a high ropes course, outdoor mini-golf, and batting cages.
  • Hop aboard the Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad for a carefree tour of Lake Winnipesaukee’s beautiful shoreline.
  • Nature lovers of all ages will certainly appreciate the Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center. Visit the nature center online and learn about their Adventure Packs.
  • Pay a visit to the Winnipesaukee Pier for picturesque views, watercraft rentals, and various specialty shops.
  • Although Castle in the Clouds isn’t in Laconia, NH, it’s only 40 minutes away and is worth the trip, especially if you’re a history buff! Visitors can expect a range of tours and nearly 30 miles of hiking and walking trails.
  • You may have yet to hear, but Laconia has a vibrant performance art and music scene. You’ll find plenty of entertainment in our lakeside community, from concerts to plays and everything in between. And after a night on the town, you can come back for cocktails at The Blue Bistro and The NazBar & Grill!
  • The best part about staying at The NASWA Resort is our onsite amenities. So if you don’t feel like leaving the resort, you’ll still have plenty to do! Sunbathing and sandcastles at the beach. Watercraft rentals are at your fingertips. Food and drinks at The Blue Bistro and The NazBar & Grill. And, of course, Camp Naz!

Laconia, NH, Lodging on Lake Winnipesaukee

Over the decades, we’ve been privileged to host countless friends and families hoping to make cherished memories on Lake Winnipesaukee. And the fun and inviting atmosphere in Laconia, NH, has played no small part in our historical presence. This summer, we invite you to discover what makes The NASWA an award-winning destination. To learn more or make your reservations, please get in touch with us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

A Girls’ Weekend Getaway at The NASWA Resort

Although The NASWA Resort is well-known for family retreats, it’s also an excellent location for a girls’ weekend getaway. Onsite restaurants, proximity to Laconia, and ongoing events are just a few reasons why our little slice of New Hampshire summer paradise is a worthy consideration.  Let’s examine what makes The NASWA Resort a perfect option for an enjoyable, leisurely weekend with your besties!

Beautiful Views and a Refreshing Atmosphere

New Hampshire getaways at The NASWA offer picturesque lakeside vistas and a range of entertainment options for you and your gal pals. Our Lake Winnipesaukee hotel’s spacious rooms, welcoming ambiance, and various on-site activities have won praise from guests. One reviewer even termed it a “wonderful place for a weekend escape,” while another dubbed it “a fantastic girls’ weekend getaway spot.” 

Wholesome New Hampshire Getaway Spots



Our private beach accommodations on New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee offer live entertainment and a variety of water sports and other outdoor activities. We always go above and beyond to keep our guests occupied and comfortable. The resort also features two on-site dining establishments, The Nazbar & Grill and Blue Bistro

Whether hanging out on the boat or grabbing a drink from the NazBar and strolling along Lake Winnipesaukee’s longest private sandy beach, we have the ideal location for tanning, playing in the warm sand, or simply unwinding. What a great choice for a girls’ weekend away!

Book The NASWA Resort Your Girls’ Weekend Getaway

The opportunity to hang out with all your girls for the weekend doesn’t always come along often. So, there’s no better time to start planning your getaway with all your closest partners in crime than now! And no matter where your escapades bring you, The NASWA Resort is more than happy to provide a place to call home while you and your friends reminisce and create new memories. Make your reservations online or call us at 888-55-NASWA today!


Best Places to Stay on Lake Winnipesaukee: The NASWA Resort

For generations, the New Hampshire Lakes Region has been a beloved destination for friends and family to make fond memories. And if you’ve ever spent time in this beautiful part of the Gem State, you undoubtedly know that Lake Winnipesaukee is among the iconic lakes in the Eastern United States. And with so many lodging options, finding places to stay on Lake Winnipesaukee can sometimes be tricky. With that in mind, deciding which is best for you and your crew can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully, The NASWA Resort has various accommodations suitable for a wide range of vacationers!

10 Things to Do in NH in the Summer | Lake Winnipesaukee

From young families going on their first vacations to long-time friends getting together for an overdue reunion, The NASWA Resort has played host to a seemingly endless array of people. Part of what makes us the Lakes Region’s premiere summer vacation spot is our accommodations offer much more than places to stay on Lake Winnipesaukee. In addition to our cottages, suites, and rooms, we offer a gamut of onsite activities, events, and easy access to the area’s best attractions. Here are some things you can do.

Read more to learn about our lodging options and find out which is right for you!

Cottage Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee

Our colorful cottages mark the beginning of The NASWA. With 18 units, many provide idyllic lakeside views. Cottages offer an open floor plan for up to four people or two bedrooms for up to six people.

The NASWA Inn & Suites

The NASWA Inn & Suites is different from your typical Lake Winnipesaukee hotel. You can choose between king or queen-size beds, and all the rooms feature air conditioning, phone service, flat-screen televisions, mini-fridges, and coffee pots. Many NASWA Inn units feature waterfront vistas, offering a more luxurious lodging experience.

Aquavista Rooms

The Aquavista rooms come with either two full beds or king-sized beds, as well as the option for beachfront or terrace locations. All the rooms have the same amenities as the NASWA Inn & Suites. Beachfront rooms showcase a private balcony, and the terrace units offer ground-level patios for easy parking lot access.

Lake Winnipesaukee Lodging Packages

Before you start deciding between places to stay on Lake Winnipesaukee, be sure to check out our lodging packages and specials. After all, there’s no reason to break the bank for a memorable vacation while staying at The NASWA! We know you’ll find the perfect accommodations to go with all the fun things to do. To secure your reservation or find out more, visit our booking page or call 888-55-NASWA!

3 Ways to Plan Your New Hampshire Summer Vacation

For some families, vacations are a vital part of building relationships. Not only do they give loved ones a chance to relax amid a busy lifestyle, but they also allow us to create precious memories while bonding. One of the challenging aspects of planning a family getaway is that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Thankfully, the winter months are the ideal time to start thinking about your New Hampshire summer vacation, so you aren’t scrambling in the spring. And whether you’re in need of a swift weekend escape or a week-long retreat, The NASWA Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee offers a quintessential family vacation experience. Here are three ways to make planning your getaway easier and more enjoyable.

Create a List of Activities and Places to Visit

Creating a list of things to do will narrow down your planning process. The first stage is to do some online research starting with “New Hampshire summer activities” or something along those lines. It also wouldn’t hurt to peruse our resort activities page. You don’t need a strict itinerary, but having some direction is a good idea. And remember, spontaneity can be good as long as you make room for it!

Things to Do in New Hampshire in the Summer

Part of what makes New Hampshire a desirable summer destination is the wide range of things to do. From hiking and biking to boating and motorcycle rides, there’s something for everyone. And even if you don’t feel like exploring the Lakes Region, you’ll have plenty of ways to stay busy at The NASWA! Whether you like kayaking and paddle boarding or just lounging around on the beach, The NASWA will provide you with endless entertainment and fun galore!

Determine the Length of Your Stay

With so many things to do, it’s understandable that some families will want to stay a week or more for their New Hampshire summer vacation. Still, there’s nothing wrong with a short retreat. Depending on your budget or how big your crew is, a weekend getaway might make the most sense. Either way, The NASWA Resort is here to help maximize your time!

Decide on a Date and Begin the Countdown

Anticipating your New Hampshire summer vacation is a significant part of the fun. Not only will planning your family getaway far in advance give the kids something to think about while they push the second half of the school year, but it also makes sense from a practical standpoint. Reservations can fill up quickly once the snow starts melting!

Top-Tier Lake Winnipesaukee Hotels

There are many excellent ways to get the most out of your New Hampshire summer vacation, depending on how you wish to spend your days. And with a bevy of onsite and nearby activities, you should get the ball rolling sooner than later! To learn more about The NASWA Resort or to book your stay, visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA today!

7 Things to Do in Laconia, New Hampshire, Next Summer

Although the NASWA Resort is closed for the off-season, now is the perfect time to start planning your next summer vacation! If you’ve ever been to the New Hampshire Lakes Region, you know there are tons of things to do in Laconia. Still, not everyone has had the opportunity to visit our beloved lakeside community. Therefore, we’d like to share a few quintessential events, activities, and other things to do that are sure to enhance your summer experience.

Fun for All Ages in Laconia, New Hampshire

Laconia is an ideal family travel destination thanks to the many attractions and activities for all ages. Perfectly placed in the heart of the Lakes Region, Lake Winnipesaukee is an attraction all its own. Besides boating, water sports, and hanging out on the beach, there are seemingly endless ways to spend your time at The NASWA Resort and beyond. And even if you have thoroughly planned your vacation, it always helps to have a few options in your back pocket!

  • If you or anyone in your group is interested in history and how things were made in the olden days, a tour of Belknap Mill, the nation’s oldest unrestored brick textile mill, is a worthy consideration.
  • Take a cruise around Lake Winnipesaukee with Mount Washington Cruises and enjoy a selection of narrated scenic tours, sunset dinner cruises, Sunday brunch, or a cocktail cruise.
  • Ahern State Park is an excellent place to enjoy nature and Winnipesaukee’s “little sister,” Lake Winnisquam.
  • The Laconia Lakeside Craft Fair is a must-stop for anyone who appreciates handmade artwork and other goods.
  • Rail Bike Adventures offers a unique way to enjoy the countryside.
  • The iconic Weirs Drive-In Theatre is one of the nation’s last drive-ins and is perfect for a warm summer night when you just want to watch a good movie.
  • Laconia Motorcycle Week is a Lake’s Region staple, and it all kicks off at The NASWA with the Peter Makris Memorial Run!

View of Endicott Rock Park Beach along Lake Winnipesaukee in Weirs Beach, Laconia, New Hampshire.

The NASWA: Not Your Typical Lake Winnipesaukee Hotel

For decades, The NASWA Resort has played host to generations of families hoping to make the most of their summer. And while we always go above and beyond to provide excellent onsite amenities, accommodations, and activities, the impressive array of things to do in Laconia can’t be overstated. To learn more about our award-winning family getaway spot, please reach out online or call 888-55-NASWA!


Interesting Facts about Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire

Whether traveling by car, plane, train, or whatever your mode of transportation, use your journey to brush up on interesting facts about Lake Winnipesaukee and this region of New Hampshire before you arrive. Since 1935, the Makris Family has been helping guests discover the beauty of Laconia and Lake Winnipesaukee by inviting them to stay at The NASWA Resort. From couples enjoying a romantic escape to families making memories together, this Lakes Region resort is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a break from everyday life.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Lake Winnipesaukee

Everyone knows Lake Winnipesaukee is home to incredible water sports like dragon boat racing and cruising on boat rentals. Appreciate this New Hampshire lake even more by expanding your trivia knowledge when it comes to this body of water.

1.   How Did the Lake Get Its Name?

According to legend, this body of water got its name because of the love of two Native Americans. The story goes that a chief had a daughter with many suitors, but she refused them all. One day she fell in love with a chief from an enemy tribe, and her father reluctantly agreed to the union. When the tribe got into their canoes and traveled to the middle of the lake, the sun came out and bathed the newlywed’s canoe in light. The tribe’s chief proclaimed this a good omen and named the lake Winnipesaukee, which means “the Smile of the Great Spirit.”

2.   How Big Is Lake Winnipesaukee?

The lake has a surface area of around 72 square miles, which translates to adjust over 44,500 acres. It’s roughly 21 miles long and 12 miles wide in some spots. The deepest part of the lake measures a maximum depth of 212 feet.

3.   What Towns Border the Lake?

Throughout the miles of shoreline, there are eight cities and towns that border the lake. These include:

  • Alton
  • Center Harbor
  • Gilford
  • Laconia
  • Meredith
  • Moultonborough
  • Tuftonboro
  • Wolfeboro


4.   How Many Islands Are on the Lake?

There are an estimated 365 islands throughout the lake, and 274 are habitable. The smallest of these islands is Becky’s Island, while Long Island and Bear Island are the largest. There are even three islands with the same name.

5.   What Species of Fish Are in the Lake?

Thanks to its size, there is no shortage of incredible fishing spots on the lake. Popular species to cast your line for include largemouth and smallmouth bass, three different kinds of trout, white and yellow perch, landlocked salmon, and redbreast sunfish.

Get Out and Explore the Lake Winnipesaukee Region

While you can learn interesting facts about New Hampshire from a book or the internet, there’s nothing better than discovering this information firsthand. Found on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, The NASWA Resort puts you close to all that makes the Lakes Region so unique.

This New Hampshire resort features a range of accommodation options that make the perfect home base for any getaway. Visit us online today to learn more about our various lodging types and on-site amenities. When you’re ready to reserve a stay, booking your visit is as easy as clicking a button.

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