Lake Winnipesaukee Essential Travel Packing List

A young mother and her daughter smile as they prepare their travel packing list for a Lake Winnipesaukee vacation.Taking a trip to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region is something that every family should consider, especially if they love the outdoors. With its sparkling lakes and emerald green forests, our little slice of paradise offers an enticing chance to make lasting memories while engaging in a bevy of recreational activities. It’s easy to understand why so many people wait until the last minute to finalize their travel packing list with so much to do. Although The NASWA Resort is closed for the winter season doesn’t mean you can’t begin the planning process! To help make the most of your Lake Winnipesaukee vacation, we came up with three things you’ll want on your travel packing list and why. 

Travel Packing List for the New Hampshire Lakes Region

Planning the perfect family summer vacation can take some work, but you’ll be glad you did when everything you need is easily accessible. Creating a travel packing list will give you unrestricted access to your essentials and help determine what you’ll need to leave behind or purchase when you get to Laconia. Even though our New Hampshire family resort has a wide assortment of amenities, there are still items you’ll want to add to your checklist. 

A Variety of Clothing

Most people visit the Lakes Region during the summer months, likely because there are so many outdoor recreation opportunities. However, the clothes you would wear hiking won’t be adequate for cruising around on the boat in Paugus Bay, and as such, having a wide range of clothing available is crucial. 

UV and Heat Protection

Sunscreen does a great job protecting your skin against UV radiation, but sunglasses, hats, and shawls are an excellent way to supplement SPFs. Sunscreen will prevent your skin from getting burned, and additional clothing will reduce your chances of coming down with heat exhaustion. Also, sunglasses will keep you from squinting, which can lead to headaches. It’s never a bad idea to bring a bottle of aloe vera if you get a minor sunburn. 

Insect Repellent

Although there aren’t a bunch of bugs at the resort, you may want to bring a canister of insect repellent in case you’d like to do some rural hiking. Gnats, mosquitos, and flies all have their purpose, but you shouldn’t have to be annoyed by them! Be sure to include at least one bottle of bug spray on your travel packing list. 

Lake Winnipesaukee Cabins in Laconia, New Hampshire

We know we’re not the only New Hampshire family resort to choose from; that’s why we’re committed to standing out from the crowd by giving you an unforgettable vacation every summer. The most rewarding aspect of Lake Winnipesaukee is the ease at which it removes visitors from the hustle and bustle of life. One more item we suggest you bring is a smile for all the laughs you’ll be having at The NASWA! For more information or to book a reservation, please visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA.

Looking Ahead: Things to Do in Laconia, NH, in Summer

A collection of boats hangs out in Paugus Bay, one of the many things to do in Laconia, NH, in the summer.In our previous blog post, we went over five reasons to book your summer vacation early. Sticking with that theme, NASWA Resort wants to continue helping you plan by giving some ideas on things to do in Laconia, NH, during the sunny seasons. Not only are there local events and attractions to explore, but NASWA Resort also has a gamut of on-site activities and amenities that will surely keep you and your family busy during your New Hampshire summer vacation. For nearly a century, Lake Winnipesaukee has graciously provided countless memories and generations of family fun, so we’d like to invite you to become part of the ongoing history. From day trips around the Lakes Region to relaxing on the beach, here are a few of our favorite things to do in Laconia, NH.

5 Fun Things to Do in Laconia, NH 

There is such a broad range of fun things to do in Laconia, NH, and our Lake Winnipesaukee resort. It’s never a bad idea to know what all your options are so you can quickly pivot to something else if you cannot carry out your original plan. What’s more, having kids in tow or traveling with another group will further elevate the importance of alternate possibilities. Making sure you have secondary and tertiary choices not only allows you to transition to another activity seamlessly; it gives you ideas for the next New Hampshire summer vacation! Without further ado, here are five fun things to do in Laconia, NH, for a summer getaway.

  • Stroll along or hang out at the longest private beach on Lake Winnipesaukee. Here’s a fun idea: challenge the kids to a sandcastle building contest.
  • Reserve a kayak or paddleboard for a tour of the Paugus Bay
  • Laconia Motorcycle Week is the world’s oldest motorcycle rally and is one of the Lake Region’s summer staples.
  • Weirs Beach Jet Ski Rentals offers an adrenaline-fueled way to cruise the lake on a hot summer day.
  • Discover timeless wonder for children and adults alike at Polar Caves, a family-friendly cave exploration adventure that combines fun and education.

The Best New Hampshire Lake Rentals

Photo of the View from NASWA, One of the Best New Hampshire Lake Resorts.Whether you plan on spending most of your time at the resort or exploring the Lakes Region, there are plenty of things to do in Laconia, NH, to keep you and your family busy. With a generous assortment of seasonal specials, the decision to choose NASWA Resort only gets easier! For more information or to book your New Hampshire summer vacation, please visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA.

New Hampshire Summer Vacation: Reasons to Plan Ahead

A young couple sits near their laptop planning their New Hampshire summer vacation.As we say goodbye to autumn and hello to winter, things will slow down quite a bit at NASWA Resort in Laconia, NH. As much as we look forward to a brief reprieve, we’ll be eagerly looking forward to resuming operations in May. As we look ahead and plan for next summer, we encourage you to do the same. We anticipate that many people will be seeking a much-needed retreat from life’s trials and tribulations, so early booking is the best way to ensure you get the lodging options you want during your preferred dates. A New Hampshire summer vacation is a surefire way to jumpstart the warm season, so we’ll share with you five reasons you should plan on booking now. Here’s a bonus reason we’ll give you right off the bat: We are offering discounts on our Colorful Cottages for 2021 at 2020 rates when you book early!

5 Reasons to Book Your New Hampshire Summer Vacation Now

Advance travel booking, especially for resorts and hotels, is beneficial even during the offseason. It’s usually ideal to have your reservations in place before traveling to your destination. Not only can it spare you from the frustration of not securing your preferred dates, but it can also save you money in the long run if you need to book flights as well. Here are five reasons to reserve your New Hampshire summer vacation sooner than later.

  • Avoid last-minute delays or planning kerfuffles, especially if you are scheduling a shared New Hampshire summer vacation.
  • Save money on flights if you need to travel by air.
  • Most vacation specials and deals occur during specific parts of the year that tend to be popular travel days. Booking early ensures that not only do you get the days you want but that you can take advantage of any rate discounts occurring during that time.
  • Early booking gives you a headstart and a better chance of selecting your desired lodging option.
  • Advance booking also allows your hosts to accommodate any special requests you and your party may have.

New Hampshire Resorts on Lake Winnipesaukee

Booking accommodations in advance for your stay is useful, if not essential. It’s almost necessary if you are traveling with kids or another group, which many people do while on holiday. NASWA Resort offers far more than New Hampshire lake rentals. Our charming family resort provides a place to make lasting memories and create new traditions for kids and adults alike. For more information to plan your New Hampshire summer vacation, please reach out to us online or call 888-55-NASWA.

Give the Gift of a NASWA New Hampshire Cottage Rental

A wide angle shot of a New Hampshire Cottage Rental.It may be hard to wrap your head around it, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. In just a matter of weeks, we’ll be making our lists and checking them twice to ensure everyone is accounted for this Christmas. But what happens when you can’t think of what to get someone near to your heart? While some people always seem to know what makes the best gift, others may find themselves staring at the clouds trying to decide on the best present. Whether it be a relative, partner, or close friend, a New Hampshire cottage rental isn’t something they’ll soon forget and offers a fun experience for anyone fortunate enough to receive it. Not only will they be staying at the best summer vacation spots in New Hampshire, but they’ll also have a chance to relax near Lake Winnipesaukee in the comfort of their home away from home. 

More Than a New Hampshire Cottage Rental

NASWA Resort in Laconia, New Hampshire, is a lakeside summer paradise that offers a gamut of on-site activities perfect for a summer vacation. Staying in one of our New Hampshire cottage rentals is a unique experience because there are so many things to do on and off the resort. Whether it’s lounging on the largest private beach on Lake Winnipesaukee or the bevy of amenities and local business partnerships, visitors to NASWA will be delighted with the seemingly endless possibilities. 

The Perfect New Hampshire Summer Vacation

What’s more, both the NazBar & Grill and Blue Bistro are located at the resort and offer delectable entrees featuring modern cuisine, including fresh seafood, certified Angus steaks, and delicious vegetarian fare. Otherwise, guests can prepare meals in the cottages, as they feature either kitchenettes in the one-room cottages or full kitchens in the two-room cottages. No matter the choice, the ease at which guests find themselves making unforgettable memories is second to none.

New Hampshire Cottage Rentals on Lake Winnipesaukee 

We know there are several New Hampshire cottage rentals to choose from; that’s why NASWA Resort is committed to standing out from the rest by delivering a memorable experience to all who make themselves at home. The best part about Lake Winnipesaukee is that it’s a quintessential summer destination for those wanting to unwind without the demands of the daily grind. Although it may be your loved one’s first time visiting, we’re confident it won’t be their last. For more information or to reserve a cottage, please contact us online or call 888-55-NASWA.

The Best New Hampshire Breweries Near Laconia

A flight of beer mugs filled up at one of many New Hampshire breweries.As the North American brewery scene has witnessed an unprecedented surge in popularity over the last decade, many beer enthusiasts have decided to forgo their bland domestic lagers for more unique and sophisticated sapidities. As tastes evolve and palates become more discerning, so do the attributes that constitute how a good beer should taste. One of the fascinating aspects of visiting New Hampshire breweries is tasting new beers that help immerse you in their locality’s sights and sounds via the tasty beverages enjoyed by those inhabiting the region. Perfectly situated near several Laconia, NH, area breweries, the NASWA Resort is the ideal place to bring back a couple of growlers and six-packs to keep the fun going all night.

3 Must-Try New Hampshire Breweries

Before you start your “libatious” journey, we ask that you drink responsibly and be sure to secure a designated driver. Although it would be reasonably easy to search Google for “breweries near me,” deciding which ones to visit may be more challenging. To help streamline your efforts, we’ve put together a useful list of our favorite local New Hampshire breweries. Cheers!

1. Canterbury Aleworks

Canterbury Aleworks might be one of the most unique craft beer experiences you’ll ever embark. Known as a nano-brewery, Canterbury is a one-barrel operation influenced by British and Irish handcrafted beers. Water-powered and wood-fired, you’ll take a trip to a simpler time for a surprisingly wide variety for such a small operation. 

2. Twin Barns Brewing Company

Although they specialize in beer, Twin Barns is more than a brewery. Besides their eclectic selection of signature beers, TBBC also features a delectable food menu to complement a noteworthy collection of IPAs, porters, and stouts. It bears mentioning that TBBC invites those on “workation” to carry out their tasks from the comfort of the taproom.

3. Kettlehead Brewing Company

Much like Twin Barns, Kettlehead Brewing Company has offerings that extend beyond beers. With a more expansive food menu than most New Hampshire breweries, it’s almost a taproom-restaurant hybrid. Further separating Kettlehead from the pack is a wide variety of craft beers, including an IPA milkshake, imperial stout, hard cider, and hefeweizen.

Laconia, New Hampshire, Lake Resorts: The Perfect Retreat

After sampling some of the local New Hampshire breweries’ most satisfying suds, you can retreat to The NASWA Resort to keep the good times rolling. Our local beer offerings are anything but ordinary, so why book your stay at a typical hotel? With a dynamic assortment of lodging options and on-site amenities, you’ll experience firsthand what makes NASWA a highly coveted destination. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit us online or call 888-55-NASWA.

Fall Getaways: Apple Picking near Laconia, NH

A woman enjoys apple picking at one of the Lakes Region's many orchards.There’s something to be said about the nostalgia associated with summer’s end as the heat and humidity subside, as do the number of tourists, making it the perfect time for a fall getaway, especially if you’re hoping to avoid crowds. Kids are getting ready to go back to school, the days are shorter, and the crisp autumn air will soon signify the changing seasons. With its beautiful lakes, elegant foothills, and sprawling hardwood forests, it’s easy to realize why New Hampshire’s Lake Region is ideal for an end of summer retreat. One of the most quintessential activities for this time of year is apple picking. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in vibrant fall colors, but you’ll also have the opportunity to pick your own fresh produce from some of the best New Hampshire orchards. Today we’ll share with you some of our nearby favorites.

Apple Picking at Our 3 Favorite Orchards in New Hampshire 

Nestled in the Lakes Region’s heart on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, NASWA Resort boasts a diverse selection of accommodations with a seemingly endless array of amenities. Whether you’re a family hoping to squeeze in a final vacation before the school year is in full swing or a romantic couple seeking an escape to the lake, you’ll find out that we’ve learned a few things about tranquility. And there’s nothing quite like a breezy stroll through a fragrant, serene New Hampshire orchard. We’ve spent a great deal of time at all of these New Hampshire orchards and can tell you that the backdrop created by the brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges on display is an attraction all its own. Without further ado, let’s get to the core of apple picking in the Lakes Region.

Stone Mountain Farm 

In Belmont, NH, Stone Mountain Farm is the area’s premier high-density orchard just south of Laconia, meaning they can focus more on growing fruit, rather than trees. Supported by a trellis system, trees are held up by large posts and wires, much like at a vineyard. Unlike standard trees that need five to seven years to reach production, high-density trees can be harvested as early as one year after being planted and often don’t require a ladder. Check out their dynamic assortment of apples ranging from juicy Akanes to crunchy CandyCrisps.

Smith Orchard

Also, in Belmont, Smith Orchard has been in production since 1985 and has a common variety of apples, including Macintosh, Red Delicious, Cortland, and Ginger Gold, among others. In addition to apples, Smith Orchard also provides a distinct line of body and hand creams made right on the farm! Adding to the allure, they also have weekly events and serve as an outdoor venue for birthday parties, making it an excellent place to bring the kiddos.

Stone Brook Hill Farm

Located in Gilford, NH, Stone Brook Hill Farm is a family operated orchard that doubles as a pick-your-own blueberry farm. A unique factor to consider when visiting Stone Brook is that you’ll be escorted to the orchard via a quick hayride to over 1,600 trees producing a large stock of local favorites. Furthermore, they have a comprehensive collection of pumpkins in October and a farm stand that carries everything from handcrafted cider donuts to maples syrup. 

New Hampshire Resorts on Lake Winnipesaukee

As much as there is to do at the resort, we encourage our guests to explore the beautiful Lakes Region that surrounds us, and apple picking is a fantastic way to start. After a long day, you can retreat to your home away from home for some much-deserved relaxation without a care in the world. For more information or to book your fall getaway, please contact us online or call 603-366-4341. Don’t forget to ask about our ongoing specials!

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