The Annual New England Pond Hockey Classic

Photo of the Pond Hockey ClassicThe New England region is well-known for its love of hockey, especially pond hockey. It’s a tradition as old as time that has been continued through competitive hockey teams and friendly neighborhood games. You often hear of children learning how to skate before they even learn how to walk—hockey is just in the New Englanders’ blood! The passion and commitment to this sport are evident by the crowds that gather for the annual pond hockey classic year after year. This year’s pond hockey classic will be held on Naswa Resort’s backyard, Lake Winnipesaukee. 

Have You Heard About Lake Winnepehockey’s Cup?

Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding towns love to tell the story of “Winnepehockey’s Cup.” While each lakes region of NH has their version of the Winnepehockey’s Cup story, here is our favorite. Once upon a time, Lake Winnipesaukee shared the same meaning as pond hockey. Our town was most alive in the cold, winter months because native tribes came from near and far for a chance to win the Winnepehockey’s Cup. Eventually, word got out about the great sought after cup and ended up in Europe. Naturally, European wanted to claim this cup as their own, so they traveled to our lakes region in NH. 

Our native tribes were not open to sharing the Winnepehockey’s cup, and a battle ensued. Everyone put up their best fight, but no one was destined victory: except for one warrior. He risked his life during a battle and captured back the trophy. This warrior nearly escaped until BOOM! He fell through the ice and lost his life along with the trophy. After this long-established rivalry ended, no one knew about the whereabouts of the Winnepehocky’s Cup. However, a group of archaeologists used their best technology to pinpoint the location of Winnepehockey’s Cup. Today, we’re happy to share that the old-time tradition of the pond hockey classic is here to stay!

Pond Hockey Classic’s Events

While the pond hockey classic’s events differ each year, the overall experience is relatively the same. 

Day 1

The event’s first day begins with a seamless check-in process, followed by a welcome party hosted at the Winnipesaukee Ballroom located at the Church Landing. There’s usually a fundraiser and raffle tickets available for guests’ entertainment. This night ends early compared to other nights because the pond hockey classic’s games begin bright and early the next day. 

Day 2 and Day 3

We urge visitors to take advantage of the shuttles that pick up guests from Laconia Harley Davidson, Hart’s Turkey Farm, Prescott Park, and Meredith Town Docks Downtown and bring them all to the tournament. Forget lugging around bags full of snacks; Common Man Concession will happily serve you a tasty treat. After the tournament games end for the day around 4:30 p.m., lace up your dancing shoes and head over to the Bank of NH Pavillion Stage for some live music.

Day 4

On the pond hockey classic’s last day, players will give the championship games their all. It’s one of the most thrilling games that you’ll ever see. It’s especially enjoyable when you’re so close to the ice that you can hear the players’ friendly exchanging on the ice—it’s a hockey enthusiast’s dream come true. However, as all good things do, the pond hockey classic must come to a close. The award ceremony is conducted nearly minutes after the final game. And when the Winnepehockey’s Cup holder steps foot onto the winners’ turf, the crowd goes wild. Few things can compare to the lakes region of NH and their excitement of pond hockey. It’s not just in their hearts. It’s in their blood.

Naswa Resort

If you think Lake Winnipesaukee sounds exciting during winter months, wait until summertime. Visitors and locals alike flock to Naswa Resort to enjoy our large private beach, lakefront bar, and countless water toy rentals. When staying at our resort, you’ll receive complimentary boat slips and kayak/paddleboard rentals. Our team is confident that no matter your family’s budget or interests, you’ll find several things to do at Lake Winnipesaukee. We urge our future guests to reserve their room today since summer is our busiest season, and availability fills up quickly! Lake Winnipesaukee hosts several events similar to the pond hockey classic during the summer months. Talk to our friendly staff today by calling 888-556-2792. We’d love to share our favorite summer affairs!

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